Who is InternetVIZ?

InternetVIZ brings B2B companies visibility and qualified leads through emarketing and social media. As a custom publishing company of journalists, editors, designers and marketers, InternetVIZ creates and distributes content that touches the hearts and minds of B2B executives and professionals, providing them with information they can use in their everyday professional lives.

What is B2B Social Media?

InternetVIZ defines B2B social media as any electronic tool or platform that facilitates conversation, participation and involvement between B2B executives and professionals and a company. These tools include blogs, enewsletters and ejournals, esurveys, Twitter, Linkedin, eseminars, webinars and more.

Meet the InternetVIZ Team

Meryl K. Evans, Senior Newsletter Editor (and Content Maven)

meryl(2)Editor of InternetVIZ's eNewsletter Journal, and Shavlik's Remediator Security Digest, Meryl is a writer, editor, copywriter, and all around 'content maven' and headline writer. She has written, edited, and contributed to The Dallas Morning News, Digital Web Magazine, PC Today, AbsoluteWrite, MarketingProfs and Lockergnome.

Meryl holds a certificate in Internet technologies from New York University, where she also taught Web design classes. You can find the native Texan in Plano, just a heartbeat north of Dallas, where many of the stories about the city's people are tall tales. Visit her Web site and read her notes in the blog, which covers Web design, content, technology, and leftovers.

Linda Kazares, Editor-in-Chief

Linda_new_pictuerA city dweller and desert rat moving from L.A. to San Francisco to Sonoma to Scottsdale, Linda has covered a lot of ground in her 25+ year career. She’s been part of the good times, tough times and the reemerging times during the high-tech swell. Originally a channel marketing and sales consultant to Fortune X high-tech companies, she changed directions to serve the industry as an event producer, hosting many ‘firsts’ in the computer and software industry.

She has transitioned from publisher, book author, contributing writer and editor of several print publications. After leaving the industry for a brief period of time (to hone her photography talent), she has reentered the publishing world as editor-in-chief with InternetVIZ with renewed vigor. Bring ‘em on!

Tamara Halbritter, Content Editor and Writer

tamara1If the word fitsit was probably written by Tamara. Editor of A&R Telecom’s Dial Tone, Cohen Financial Direct and content editor for all newsletters published by InternetVIZ, she is co-author of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing. She is also, ta da, a modern dancer. Having a master’s degree in dance from Columbia University adds a certain kind of kinetic energy to all of her writing.

This Go Girl writes and edits for clients such as Community of Nations, Computer Network Technology, Honeywell, North Atlantic Books and WestEd; her writing and editing has appeared in books, trade journals, Web pages and marketing materials. In the works are: a non-fiction book for women, as well as workshops that support the book and a screenplay.

Morgan Smith, Newsletter Editor

Morgan began her public relations/advertising career 22 years ago, working on financial, industrial and consumer accounts with some of Baltimore’s best agencies. Since then, she's worked with numerous corporations and advertising agencies on just about every type of account imaginable. The materials that she has conceived and written are numerous, including print newsletters, journal articles, print ads, radio spots, videos, collateral materials, PowerPoint presentations, training modules and more. She also has a B.S. in English and History from Towson State University.

John T. Hiatt, Newsletter Editor

jhiattJohn T. Hiatt worked his way through the University of Wisconsin J-School freelance writing, performing on stage at the student union and hustling pool. His first job out of school was writing a management newsletter for a major life insurance company. After a few years in PR, advertising and marketing for small businesses, he ended up in California at Entrepreneur Magazine, becoming editor in chief. That led to a stint as managing editor of Financial News Network, back when it was a startup operation. Since then, John has focused almost exclusively on B2B writing and editing. He's held senior editorial management positions and launched newsletters for publishers like Harcourt Brace, Prentice Hall and Marsh USA. John tells everyone he is a semi-retired pre-geezer, but we don't believe it either.

Jack Scharff, Senior Editor and Account Manager (chief humorist)

jackJack brings over 30-years of direct-marketing expertise, and works with our clients to maximize results. Winner of the Direct Marketing Association’s Silver Mailbox award and author of “The Magic Answer,” Jack retired at age 57 (lucky him) after serving three 10-year stints as vice president of three companies with a combined revenue of over $2 billion. He became bored with retirement (lucky us) and joined InternetVIZ in 2004. Jack has a great sense of humor (just ask him) and loves to tell stories that make you laugh (sometimes). When you speak with Jack, be sure to ask him about his county-road auto accident with the little pig.

Teri Doty, Publisher

teriyTeri keeps us functioning. She makes sure that deadlines are met and that the newsletters go out in perfect condition. In a past life she was queen. Today, she still holds that title. However, others would argue that one. She has worked for the California Department of Corrections and the California Youth Authority. She won't tell us exactly what she did there, but we make it a point not to mess with her.


Hank Stroll, Founder


(Rest in peace…you are greatly missed, but not forgotten)

Don't like something at InternetVIZ? It is probably Hank's fault. 🙂 As the Managing Editor at InternetVIZ, the buck stops here. Hank's varied career consists of many 'out of work' stretches. When this 'old man' has worked, it was as writer, CEO, Director of Marketing, Operations Director, salesperson, waiter, and owner of 3 companies. He likes InternetVIZ the best because of the great feedback from the readers. Alida (Hank's wife), says that he works enough already and is NOT available for freelance work.


InternetVIZ offers compelling B2B eNewsletter design, eCampaigns & social media marketing.