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B2B Sales and Marketing Cycle

Plan Your Campaign

Attract Prospects

Engage Prospects

Qualify Prospects

Sales Call

Customer Service


Plan Your Campaign

The Second Send Controversy
Work overtime to get readers to open newsletters

Would Your Marketing Plan Hold Up Under Customer Scrutiny?
Engage customers in discovery and disclosure dialogue

Get Real!
Look at real numbers behind BCC and free services

Help! We’re Flunking Sandbox 101
Get issues out the door

Marketing the invisible: services
Why selling Batman is easier than Invisible Man

Who Sets the Standard?
Email newsletters could fail the “test”

Reportin’ Stats to Please the Boss
Calling for ABC Report… Stat!

Should Newsletters Take a Vacation?
Publishing during the holiday season

Invasion of the Blogs
Is a blog right for your business?

It’s Got That “Je Ne Sais Quoi”
Get the scoop on the e-newsletter’s success


Attract Prospects

Build High-converting Subscription Pages
The tools you need: from privacy policies to RSS feeds

For Best Marketing Results
Put your eggs in more than one basket

What Language Are You Speaking to Woo Clients?
Elevator pitches by CEOs are a lesson in what NOT to do

Five Tips to Cut Through B2B Chaos
How do you compete against prospects’ real lives?

Online Newsletters: Demonstrating Value
If it’s not about the reader, it’s considered SPAM

Six Steps to Successful eNewsletters
Help B2B prospects choose you

An Unexploited Market
Striking gold without finding El Dorado

6 Ways to Make Subscriptions Soar
Shine a spotlight on your newsletter

The Online Recruiting Revolution
How employment e-newsletters are shaking up the scene


Engage Prospects

Five Years of Email Newsletter Marketing
Are they still an important tool?

Recipes for a Hotshot Newsletter
Tasty content alone doesn’t make a meal

Great Content Ahead!
But you have to register first …

Trust Us!
Sending credible messages

Sucking in Readers
Proven ways to increase reader interaction

Bring in the Money with an E-Newsletter
Three Cs: content, consistency, and customer service

Beyond Once Upon a Time
Fairy tales aren’t the only thing needing catchy openings

Company Stability: B2B Buyers Insist on It
Communicate your vitality in subtle and powerful ways

Online Newsletters: Building Trust
Sales happen whent value is trusted, applicable and comes from a stable company

Surviving the E-Mail Marketing Jungle
Relationship building means more than the first date 

Building Relationships Takes Time
Overcoming the overnight “surge urge”

Survey says … ???
How to Increase Survey Response Rates

The Body of Email Newsletters
How much content should it sport?

Casual Friday for Marketing Copy
Getting personal sells

This Little Green Guy Gets It
Humor provides a ‘human’ element to e-newsletters

Hey, Make Your eNewsletter Informal
Why it needs a distinctive, non-corporate voice

E-Direct Response
Getting the Most Out of E-Newsletters


Qualify Prospects

Smart B2B Prospecting (1 f 2)
3 ways to dig up gold not mounds of dirt

Smart B2B Prospecting (2 f 2)
3 ways to dig up gold not of mounds of dirt

Follow the Long Yellow Copy
Do long scrolling sales letters work?

From Suspects to Prospects
Solve the mystery of qualifying Leads


Sales Call

Closing Sales: Harvesting the eNewsletter Relationship
Nothing happens until somebody buys something

Snore … snore … Presentations that bore
How to take the zzz out

Warming up those cold calls
Keep them toasty — year-round

5 Reasons Webcasting Is a Winning Marketing Tool
Cast your way to more sales


Customer Service

When Good Newsletters Go Bad
How to avoid the rut and capture hearts

Oops! Sending Accidental Spam
Recovering from a grievous error

Surprising and thanking clients
Show appreciation to your most valuable assetd.

Firing Clients
Good idea or not?

Keeping the love connection with clients
How to show you care


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