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We provide a broad range of customized turn-key services to help B2B marketers generate qualified leads, increase sales, and stay connected with clients and prospects with a wide variety of services including emerging social media opportunities.

InternetVIZ produces content that is applicable to your audience's everyday professional lives and distributes it via your eNewsletters & eJournalseCampaigns and/or Social Media. We ensure an integrated message for all your emarketing venues.

Building trust is the key to B2B marketing and sales programs. B2B clients and customers don't buy because your service or product has the nicest packaging, or because you have the least expensive offering, or because your salespeople are wizards at closing, or because you "help them" identify a need they have.

B2B buyers are too sophisticated to be lulled into buying something they don't need from a company they don't trust or a product or service they don't understand. They don't move according to your monthly, quarterly or yearly sales quota.

They usually know about the problem they want to solve for months or years, before they are ready to address it. They buy when THEY are ready, and then THEY must trust that the perceived value is applicable to them and comes from a stable company.

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InternetVIZ offers compelling B2B eNewsletter design, eCampaigns & social media marketing.