Our clients have been satisfied and appreciative of our dedication to them and their overall goals. Here are just some of the comments made by our clients.


“InternetVIZ works with us to create a high-impact and information-rich newsletter that is an invaluable tool in our readers’ busy lives.”

Melanie Morin, Marketing Communications Manager – Apex

ATTUS Technologies

“InternetVIZ enables us to bring valuable information to our most important constituents—our customers.”

Trey Sullivan, CEO – ATTUS Technologies

“The helpful staff at InternetVIZ keeps our newsletter on track.”

Jean Schaeffer, Director Marketing – Avatech Solutions

“InternetVIZ knows that a publication should be about the reader first. They help keep our content focused so that our audience finds value and keeps coming back.”

MyeishaThompson – Marketing Manager,
Facilities Management –  Avatech Solutions

“InternetVIZ helps us power up PowerTrak Journal.”

Kathryn DeNitto, Director of Marketing – Battery Corp


“We selected the InternetVIZ team because of the many excellent examples of their work. They have become our trusted provider for this online communication piece.”

Craig DeWolf, Vice President of Sales and Marketing – CCI


“InternetVIZ helped develop our e-newsletter and makes the publishing process easier than we ever expected.”

Sherry Ramm, Director of Global Marketing – Fortify

“InternetVIZ guided us through its unique facilitation process which helped us produce our newsletter in a highly efficient manner.”

Henry Mittelman, President of Appraisal Development
Gordon Brothers Group

Interim Home Health Care

“Thanks, InternetVIZ, for making our newsletter interesting and interactive.”

Linda Shaub, Vice President Marketing – Interim HealthCare

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“InternetVIZ is a great publishing partner. They allow us to focus on our ultimate mission — supplying relevant, useful information to the industry.”

Rob Murphy, CMO – MC²

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“The creative staff at InternetVIZ is essential to each issue of our newsletter.”

Annette Dahly-Vernon, PhD, Study Director – PhysioGenix


“Thanks for going above and beyond. Before InternetVIZ, I truly appreciate the outstanding service I have received from you and am impressed by your responsiveness and action.”

Josh Daire – Shavlik

Retail Sales Training

“InternetVIZ is a great partner to help communicate with our clients.”

Jon Dickens, Executive Vice President – The Friedman Group

Click Software

“The InternetVIZ service is a powerful and cost-effective way to reach our customers and prospects.”

Amit Bendov, Senior Vice President – ClickSoftware



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